Penfolds Father 10YO Tawny Mataro Shiraz Grenache




Rich and complex with layers of raisin, toffee, vanilla and prune.
  • With compelling quality and provenance, Penfolds Father Grand Tawny is a tribute to over 170 years of Penfolds winemaking excellence. A blend of outstanding wines matured in seasoned small oak casks, achieving a minimum average blended age of ten years.

    The combination of extended maturation and Penfolds extensive experience in crafting fine Tawny wines, has resulted in a wine with concentration, vitality, exceptional balance of fruit, nutty oak age complexity and distinctive spirit. All of these elements culminate in a balanced, clean and lingering tight finish.

    Beautifully presented in an exquisite gift box, Father Grand Tawny makes the perfect gift for life’s special milestones.
  • Varietal:Mataro Shiraz Grenache

    Region:South Australia

    Maturation:Individual varietal components from each vintage allocation are aged separately in seasoned old oak casks. Many of these casks have been used for maturation of fortified for many decades and have been specifically selected for this wine to ensure the development and characters are consistent and true to the house and Tawny style. While some of these casks can be in excess of 70 years old, they may have only matured as few as six to eight different components over that time.

    Cellaring Potential:10+ years