Because it's always wedding season

Here are a few tips on what to buy and how much.

The perfect wine for your reception is influenced heavily by your personal taste, and don't feel you have to break your budget. We are sharing some guidance and some options to fit all tastes. 


How to satisfy all of your guests

The key to a successful wedding wine list is to pick crowd pleasers, something your Aunt would enjoy as much as your best man. It’s also good to remember that wine is not just for dinner! Are you more of a fun pre-dinner Cocktail kind of couple, or an elegant glass of Fizz kind of couple? Either way, we have some great options to help cater to the majority of you and your guest’s requirements. 

Champagne or Sparkling?

What's a wedding without bubbles, a regular party?! To celebrate in style you will need some flutes and either some pink or white bubbles. Champagne is generally thought of as the drink to celebrate with, but there are some wonderful New World and French sparkling alternatives that will help keep you and your guests in the party mood, without busting the budget.


Red, White, Rose...? 

  • Soup. A light style of Chardonnay from Margaret River, with peach notes and citrus character will be a good combination and will complement the flavours of a chicken or seafood soup.
    • Suckling Pig. Salty, flavourful suckling pork has found its perfect match in oaky Chardonnay, as the creaminess of the wine matches the meaty, fatty flavours, has enough citrus and elevate the essences of the meat. 
      • Roasted Duck. The sweet and delicate meat of the duck will be best combined with a cool-climate Pinot Noir. The wine will help to carry the flavours of the savoury and soft spices of the marinated crispy skin and tender meat.
        • Fish. With flavours ranging from fresh, hints of passion fruit from New World to a richer style from the US, Chardonnay remains an excellent choice for sipping and will go with most fishes.
          • Seafood. The delicate Australian Riesling with citrus fruit pairs perfectly with scallop, prawns and sea cucumber.
            • Dessert.  The luscious toffee and caramel flavours of Penfolds Tawny will pair beautifully with mango pudding, red bean or pumpkin cream or glutinous rice balls.

              How many bottles of wine would you need?

              This very much depends on the capacity of your friends and family, but the best advice based on our experience is to estimate one bottle for two guests. If you want to be safe, we recommend one or two additional cases. 

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